b_mikhailov (b_mikhailov) wrote in a_vituhnovskaya,

Masha and the Bear

Dirty gloomy beak of Devil's Chicken
Near huge jaded Wolfhound.
When you strangle, I will love you.
I will be soft and strong scarf on your throat.

When it already get vulgar with lovers and friends,
When you, Dame, came to want death
You swallowed validol and drank poison.
Now we are in a fairy tale, as Masha and the Bear.

And three baby-bears will also come to look,
When I, a lady, will drown your breast and you
In the pond, sullenly and slowly. Here
Even the crazy rabbit would set off a wild dance.

This is our deadly May Day.
We have such an anxious solemnity.
We have such a gluttonous nature -
To which inanimate loaf is desired.

So one needs a knife to pick open the passion,
And taste the tenderness of bloody worms in time,
And bite the dead, and read children's books,
And be as simple as Masha and the Bear.
Автор перевода: Rolanda Delenevengarda
Оригинал текста http://alinavit.ru/mashenka.htm

Tags: в переводе

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