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Death scrubs disk of Bach -
Hell’s kitchen club’s cover
Of Dachau’s rations with foie gras.
Rave-Reich's elite anguish in fire.

Don’t lie: “It’s not legitimate!”
Political Harlequin,
One day guillotine
Legally will enter mainstream.

Towers blowup towerless.
Whine bloody, New York’s skyline!
How anchor ecstatic and volumeless
In TVs shouts and lies!

Fake and dull your flash-mobs
Andy Warhol is lame and stoned.
In time of explosions of bombs.
New God is being born.

Who is certain terroristically?
Who’s scans out like bar-code
From reality unmystical
Moment of Ulrike Meinhof?

This is a signal of terror
Some nightmarish mem
Another blown up city
And it is legitimate.

Перевод - Sergey Klimov

P.S. My unworthy pity attempt of translation (with lost rhythm and meanings of original piece) of glorious Alina Vitukhnovskaya (от автора перевода).

Tags: в переводе

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